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7 Ideas For A Romantic Night In

Happy Valentine's Day!

With Valentine's being in the middle of the week this year, I thought I would share a few ideas for the perfect Valentine's night in!

Valentine's isn't something I usually get flustered over and prefer them to be a chilled affair. Unless you book way in advance it can be quite hard to get a table at a nice restaurant and I prefer to save that level of fuss and dressing up for something like an anniversary. So, I had a little think about some cute ideas to have the perfect, romantic night-in!

1.  Video Game Tournament!
Got a game that you've been itching to play? Or do you finally want to have a go at FIFA? Playing games together can be so much fun especially when you try new ones! If you can, play games on different consoles- the Wii is especially good fun for this!

2. Go old school and play board games!
Board games can be just as fun as video games, especially if you're keeping a running tally of who's winning. Maybe make up your own game by printing off your own board? Seeing as it's Valentine's maybe even play a naughtier one to wind the evening down!

3. The most important part of the evening: The Food.
Eating at home can be done so many ways and that is the best part of a Valentine's night in! Maybe order from different takeaways and have a real mix of cuisine and have your own mini buffet?
Or you could both cook together? There's nothing more romantic than cooking a delicious meal together! My favourite and the most romantic eat in idea is : living room picnic. Throw down a blanket, get the candles out, a cute movie and make a little picnic for yourselves!

4.  Spa Night.
Crack out all of those face masks and head down to Lush and get a massage bar and some bath bombs! Burn some candles or even some incense and get cosy in your pyjamas. Give each other massages whilst watching a romantic movie and you'll have such a chilled night out.

5.  Cuddle up and have a Netflix marathon.
Have you been wanting to binge a particular series? This is the night for it! Maybe have a romantic movie marathon or if you're all for equality, watch something picked by each of you!

6. Stick a romantic playlist on and just have a dance.
Now if you're not into all the romantic playlists, even just having a silly dance around with a glass of wine together will be a sweet memory to remember. Make a playlist that has both of your favourite music. 

7. Have a creative photoshoot.
How you do this can be done so many ways! Valentine's is a great time to have a photoshoot and if it's just the two of you, even better! It can be such a great way to have fun and really appreciate what you find attractive in your partner! Build each other's confidence by taking portraits of each other, take some cute instax pictures and get lots of romantic props! Grab some balloons, petals, flowers, chocolate and anything else you've got in for Valentine's and enjoy taking photos with each other! Maybe pop out to a beautiful spot and do a little evening photoshoot as the sun sets, or maybe even try taking some photos like the amazing Brandon Woelfel!

(Can I just say that it so true when people say never work with children or animals! This little monster kept nibbling the fairy lights and ripped the petals off the roses!)

Hope you all have a nice day!

Shay x


  1. OMG i love him! how adorable is he, these photos are gorgeous lovely. I'm definitely going to pinch a few of these ideas as I'm celebrating valentines day on Saturday. Gonna have the monopoly at the ready!
    Jen, velvet spring x

    1. aww thank you Jen! Such a good idea isn't it, perfect for at the weekend when you have more time for it! x


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