A Day at Cyclist Track Day North With Cyclist Magazine

It's not everyday I end up throwing a bike worth a few months rent around a track but when the opportunity arose to attend the Cyclist Track Day North ... I had to go...

On Sunday we headed down to York Sport Village to attend the Cyclist Track Day North. After my internship with Cyclist last summer, I made sure to keep reading the magazine and paying attention to their twitter. Once you've worked with some of the best in the industry, it makes sense to keep an eye out for further amazing opportunities with them! So when I saw them advertising a track day that wasn't in London, I was so excited and immediately booked tickets.

The very first of their northern track days, it was definitely a success! 

Held at York Sport Village, we arrived to find out that this place has top class cycling facilities as well as a cycling only membership. Outside there is an olympic-sized tarmac velodrome and a cycling track- I wish it had have been there when I lived in York! 

Upon arrival we were greeted by the Cyclist team and were given our lanyards with our names and bike details on as well as our vouchers for lunch. Stuffing everything into the lockers and getting changed into our kit, we headed down to the velodrome.

In the centre of the velodrome all the brands had their tents set up with racks of their bikes just waiting to be signed out by all of us eager cyclists. 

The brands on show were:


A relaxed day out, all you had to do was hand your lanyard over, get clipped into your bike of choice before whizzing off onto the track to test it out. You could come and go as you pleased and I saw many people chatting with other members of the public as they waited. It was a really friendly and fun atmosphere! 

Immediately Steve and I got to work with the cameras and spent most of the morning photographing our two cyclists Rob 1 and Rob 2 whizzing about the track as well as all the other members of the public who had turned up to the event. We got plenty of footage/audio and photos for both this blog and for Steves CycleBabble radio show- go and have a listen! 

Steve limbering up for his turn!

The weather held off and just after lunch we put the cameras away and had time to have our own fun!
Lunch was provided by Laynes and included a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes with plenty of people queuing up to get one of their veggie burgers or slices of pizza!

I was really rather nervous as I haven't been on a road bike in months and considering the cost of these bikes, I was quite scared about getting on them. However, the teams at each stand were unbelievably supportive and helpful. When you queued for your bike and got the one in your size, they adjusted the bike to you and attached your pedals. I was so incredibly excited to ride this Colnago C-RS - I have always wanted to ride a Colnago! It was so beautifully smooth around the track and it really was a dream to ride! 

So what did each brand have to offer us?

Specialized Venge ViAS Pro Disc - described as "pure cycling filth" 

blaydon cycle club cyclist magazine wilier gravel bike

Time Skylon Cyclist magazine

We left with a very nice goodie bag filled with lots of cycling stuff and copies of the magazine too!
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northumbria sport colnago selfie

I had so much at this track day and it definitely inspired me to get back out on my road bike and to have more trust in myself on my own road bike! An incredible opportunity to ride bikes that I doubt I'll ever be able to afford! We had a great day out, plenty of fresh air and gorgeous bikes- the best way to spend a Sunday!

Would you ever attend a track day? What's your dream bike?

Thank you for reading!

 S x

*A huge thank you to the team at Cyclist magazine who offered us a reduced ticket price to attend this event. This post was created in collaboration with them but all opinions are my own and those of the team that attended.*
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