Fundraising for Cancer | PeloToon Mag & Cyclebabble Collab

Since September I've been working on my third year project, PeloToon Magazine. 
It's been incredibly stressful but the past couple of weeks a fantastic side project has emerged and it has now evolved into a full blown monster that I'm loving being a part of!

But the most exciting part is we get to help with a good cause...

I first saw Charlotte post about her Dad's cancer diagnosis on facebook and donated privately. After seeing it a few times I began to realise how hard it was going to be to fundraise the amount needed.

Pelotoon is the official name of my third year project magazine, something that I love with all my heart. I've seen it grow from a small idea to something I've had to reign in due to budget, travel and experience.

Steve is also of a similar mind- a small idea of a radio show has turned into his life! With the help of his team, he's launched NSUCycleBabble- a cycling radio show! 

Since we're both based out of the university and involved in the media team we got chatting about how we could work together. Between us we have all media covered! 

So when he was looking for a charitable cause to raise funds for, it made sense to find something personal to the team and that involved cycling- and this was where I remembered Charlotte's cause.

She explains it all in the video we made (click below) and I can't wait to see how much we raise for her Dad through our auctioning of jerseys and other kit and through other events she has planned over the next few months!

If you can donate it would be greatly appreciated, but if not, just a share or two across social media would be so helpful. I'll update you when we have the auctions live!

Donate here.

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