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8 Week Plan: My Birthday week (Week 3)

This past week I've had my birthday as well as a couple of exciting non-scale victories! 
I'll start off with talking about this picture. 

(A classy toilet selfie but it was the only full-length mirror I could find!)

This particular hoodie from h&m is a size 16. I remember buying it when my weight crept up from a 14 and I was starting to notice clothing wouldn't go over the boobs I was growing. It used to be my baggy hoodie, then it became my tight, snug fit hoodie and then it became a crumpled mess in my wardrobe because I couldn't even get it to zip up.

Until the day the washing machines were broke in halls. I was panicking as I needed something to wear under my jacket and all my others were waiting in the laundry basket for a wash. Out of haste, I grabbed it and threw it on with the idea that as long as it covered my arms ( one of my most hated problem areas, more on that another time) I didn't care. To avoid the annoying feeling of an open hoodie under a zipped up jacket, I reluctantly went to zip it up. 

Only for it to zip all the way up no problem. 

A bit strange but a great sigh of relief and a little feeling of happiness as I made my way out the door. The weight is clearly coming off I thought, but I didn't hold my breathe as many clothes that zip up don't always feel comfortable to actually move in. They ride up or down and make you realise that just because they zip up, doesn't mean they should. This didn't really happen with this hoodie. Yes it could fit better, but it didn't not fit. Yes it felt short and cropped but I am used to wearing coats, hoodies and jumpers that purposely go past my hips and sometimes my bum (to avoid the dreaded rising up!) so I did feel slightly uncomfortable in it but not enough to never wear it again.

It just goes to show that small non-scale victories are just as important as seeing those numbers drop off.

So what about those numbers this week?

I'm currently down to around 216/215 lbs. I'm not 100% sure of how I've got this low but I am very pleased with it. It's such a shock seeing each new 'teen' digit appear. Another stone to go and i'll be back down to my 'regular' weight I was through most of 2015. Hazzah!

I cannot wait for the moment when I see those numbers dip below 210, and the pure relief I'll feel when I see 199 or lower again! I remember what it was like in previous weightloss efforts when I saw those numbers and I thought I was huge then. To get back down there will be such a sweet milestone!

Seeing the 66pounds to go is awesome! It's no longer at 85lbs which makes me feel so happy to see the difference. There are a few pound differences in between right now but I am not being so strict about counting. It's more about how I feel losing this weight rather than focusing on an exact 85lbs loss to be happy!

As happy as I am seeing 216, I know i'm going to fluctuate back up this coming week because of impending 'lady time' but I am pleased to see this number for now!

Even though it was my birthday I was quite good with food! I saved my cheat day for saturday instead of friday so I could pig out on my birthday and to be honest, I didn't even then. A birthday nando's had eating my usual chicken and sweet potato mash and some chocolate cake earlier in the day and that was about it. I also went out for a lovely (yet freezing) walk on the beach and around town in the evening. The previous evening also involved a lot of dancing and fun with a few friends for my birthday! 

Storm Angus has hit the UK, so goodbye any chance of outdoor cycling in the next week. Also given the 'lady' situation I just mentioned, I don't know what my motivation for exercising is going to be like next week. I generally feel rather shakey and ill for the first day or so, so I'm hoping if I do take a couple days off I can make it up later in the week or through careful food control. 

Hope you had a good week :) 

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