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My 8 Week Plan: The plan itself!

With today being the final day in October and this week being the first week of November, I thought it would be a perfect time to start an 8 week workout plan!

That is it's 8 weeks until Christmas! And for me, about 8 weeks or so until I head home for the holidays.

My parents won't have seen me since I was down in London for my internship at Cyclist, and therefore it's a perfect opportunity to shock them with my weightloss! 8 weeks is also a good stretch of time for myself to see and implement changes!

By breaking up my longterm goal of reaching 150lbs from 235lbs ( 85lbs loss) into smaller 'plans' of time, I really think it'll feel more attainable.

So what is the goal of this 8 week programme?

Using myfitnesspal, I'm aiming for a 2lbs a week weightloss.

So I'm hoping to have lost just over a stone (16 pounds to be precise) from my current weight of 225.5lbs by Christmas.

So my goal weight for Christmas is : 209.5lbs

I will be achieving this through:

  • cycling more frequently
  • aiming for 1 hour of exercise a day amounting to around 500 calories
  • sticking to 1290 calories of food a day unless eating back calories burned off during exercise
  • drinking 2 litres of water a day 
  • taking more opportunities to walk. Walking to uni has been helping me a lot.

The past couple of weeks I've been going out walking in the evenings. Not only am I getting the chance to practice my photography, hang out with people but I'm also slowly improving my health. So, I will be taking as many opportunities as I can to walk more!

I am also going to be writing a few more general fitness posts to keep me motivated. I also want to start sharing more of my internship here on my blog as it really is a fantastic opportunity. (check out the free kit we got!)

Wish me luck and if you're on a fitness journey too, I would love some advice!

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