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31 August 2016

Living with Cold and Cholinergic Urticaria

I was sure I was never going to bring this up on my blog. I was positive I couldn't write about it and I was too scared to be judged for it. But it has affected my lifestyle so much, and I feel I need to write about it.

Living with urticaria is hard. It has a horrible sound to the name, and not many people actually know what it is. It's not something terrifying, or venereal... it's just a skin condition. But one that is seriously affecting my lifestyle...


18 August 2016

The best week ever to be a British cycling fan!

What a week to be British! I am so proud right now to be from this little island! 

I've had a pretty incredible August, completely filled to the brim with bikes, fitness goals, and cycling... 


15 August 2016

Plus Size Workout Wear : My favourite gym vests and sports leggings that aren't see through!

plus size sportswear

Working out can be an incredibly daunting thing to do. Especially when you feel unhappy with your body. But for me, it's all about making myself more comfortable and confident enough to get the workout done- so that I one day can be really happy in my own skin.

You sometimes just need the right thing to wear...

13 August 2016

Chicken Stir Fry

chicken stir fry recipe

Coming home is such a good thing for a lot of different reasons. One of the best, is the good food. 
One of my favourite dishes from home so I thought whilst I'm here, I'd share it with you...

12 August 2016


Cyclist Magazine internship northumbria university

When I got the email telling me I was accepted for a 3 week internship at Cyclist magazine in London, I was so excited...


7 August 2016

My Favourite Skin Care Products!

E45 Sudocrem Clinique Garnier

 Living with dry skin is the bane of my existence. It can make me incredibly self-conscious but I have found so many amazing products that are helping me have great skin!

So I thought I would share my favourite products here on the blog! Enjoy!


6 August 2016

My first week at home!

Being back home is a rare occurrence for me and I use it as a real excuse to get snap-happy! My garden is full of colour and is great for testing out my new camera. I also went out for a visit to see an old friend!...


1 August 2016

My One Year Weightloss Plan!

Losing weight is such a personal journey. I've decided I really want to change how I'm living my life over the next year, just in time for graduation...
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