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29 July 2016


Only one week until the Rio Olympics begin and I can't wait to watch it. The London Olympic fever was infectious last time and now they need our support for Rio! So I thought I would share my top 5 favourite athletes who are competing for Team GB at Rio this year!


27 July 2016

Sunderland Air Show

Over the weekend, Sunderland Air Show made its' annual return to the North East. I was so keen to go last year but unfortunately couldn't, so when I heard it was coming back, I had to go!


21 July 2016


Lancome has definitely become my favourite high-end brand and I was so pleased when this appeared in my post box! I had seen this new range allover the big blogs and so I sent off to try it myself!


17 July 2016

7 things that have made me happy this week!

This week has been really relaxing and fun and I feel refreshed about getting back into blogging so I decided to create a happy weekly list!


16 July 2016

Pokemon Go!

It's absolute everywhere. Of course you've heard of it unless you've been living somewhere with no internet! The world wide craze is here and my god I'm in love with this game!

My Everyday Lip Combo!

I have heard so much good stuff about NYX and I've slowly been getting to love the brand myself. In particular, this gorgeous everyday nude liquid lipstick combo!

15 July 2016

Limited Edition Barry M Nails!

Carnival Couture Barry M Superdrug

I am trying to keep a cap on my spending and only buy things I really want to try so I can save up but I was really interested to try these Limited Edition colours from Barry M, as they are the perfect summer colours!


7 July 2016

Another Park Photo Trip

Awhile back during exams, we offset all the revision with getting out as much as we could to take photos and explore. 

5 July 2016

Opinion: Vaping

As a student journalist, I'm always being told that I should not my opinion into my work, unless I am writing an opinion piece.

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