Celebrating One Year!

On Sunday, we celebrated our one year anniversary.
Andrew came round the night before with these lovely flowers and we had a chilled evening in.

The morning of our anniversary, we opened our cards and gave each other our presents before heading out to Newcastle Castle.
After giving Andrew a couple of nice watches I had to get him this gorgeous Firenze day watch from Detomaso. 

His favourite colour is orange and I loved the idea of him having a watch with all the time zones on. His Dad travels for work and hopefully one day he will too if he gets the job he wants and so, thinking ahead, I wanted something easy to read and sweet to remember me by when he's away. 
(I know i'm soppy).

We climbed all the way to the top of the castle. Up a good few hundred steps, through twisty stone corridors and up really steep staircases. The stairs to the turret spiralled and were like something from a Disney castle.

When you reach the top you can see all around Newcastle!

We took a few selfies and although an overcast day, it was muggy and warm. Once we had our fill of running around the top of the castle and exploring the many rooms and stalls inside we headed downstairs to a room where there were hawks and owls from Riverside Falconry.

I was beyond excited and we spent a really long time chatting to the falconer- luckily not many people had turned up yet so we got to really chat and ask a lot of questions. We took a small detour away from the castle to get some cash which we'd forgotten and headed back to hold the owls and hawks.

Both of us listening intently to the falconer!

Vlogging and giving this owl its Youtube Debut!

After the owls and hawks, we carried on exploring. We went to the gift shop and watched a 'how to dress a knight' demonstration before watching re-enacters show us to properly sword fight!

 Afterwards we headed back towards town and up to a favourite of mine, the North Side Diner at the top of Fenwicks for a late lunch which stuffed us full of yummy burgers and cheesy chips. 

Let's hope for another lovely day next year!

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