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27 June 2016

25 June 2016


A few days ago I went to the shops to get some food and walked past the stand where the DVD's normally are. But they were gone and had been replaced with these T-shirts. I immediately bought one.


23 June 2016

GRAZE Blogger Challenge!

I'm really getting into snacking healthily again, and am finding small portions of nuts, fruit or cereal bars on the go are stopping me from snacking on things like chocolate! So when Graze said they wanted me to try their summer blogger challenge, I said yes in the hope of finding something new I liked!


22 June 2016

A Day in the Park

Before Andrew and his grandparents headed back down to Leeds, we went for a walk in the park. We took the cameras and had a little wander before heading into town. 


21 June 2016

Bread machine Focaccia!

When I started blogging I had no idea that I was going to go down the line of trying to use it to improve my health and fitness.


The Hoppings

The Hoppings is a fair that comes to Newcastle every June and I have been wanting to go since first year. But this year was the first year I got to go and I was so excited!

We headed over to recon the fair on Saturday with our cameras, scout out the prices and what we wanted to come back for!


20 June 2016

Tyneside Sunshine

 Andrew's grandparents came to collect him and take him home for the summer and the weather in Newcastle was too good ( for once!) to pass up a trip to the seaside whilst they were here.


4 June 2016

Ninja Burgers at Bar 28

ninja burgers

Thursday evening was an eventful evening. We had been invited along to the Launch of Ninja Burgers at Bar 28 in town, and as students, we were not saying no to free food!

1 June 2016

Going Red with Superdrug!

superdrug red hair dye

I finally did it! I have been itching to dye my hair back once it was in better condition and I have fallen in love with the idea of having long red hair. It has been years since I've had long hair but I knew I wanted to leave my natural colour behind.

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