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26 April 2016

Cycling:Avanti Giro 2

I am beyond excited to tell you that my Avanti Giro 2 arrived yesterday!

It was quite out of the blue as I hadn't even been notified that it had shipped but I got a text in the afternoon saying it arrived. So I rushed home and collected the HUGE box from reception and we set to putting it together.

I ordered seperate pedals for my clip-in cycling shoes, so we attached them and the handlebars and we were done!

The rest of my cycling kit arrived today, my shoes and an outfit as well as gloves and a water bottle so i'm pretty much kitted out for now. The jersey is a women's size 18 and at the moment it is a bit too tight I feel for cycling wear. Standing around in it is fine, but I think moving in it may cause it to ride up slightly as it is very tight. So, for now, It's going in the cupboard until I've brought my weight down by a stone or so just so I can wear it comfortably. I can't wait to post another progress picture where a difference can be seen in the same jersey.

All I need to do now is attach the water bottle and fix my shoes and I'm ready to go!

I am so nervous as sorting out the saddle height was quite nerve-wracking, leaning up against the wall and trying to balance on the bike was hard as it's something i'm not used to. I had a slip and fell and hurt myself on it, but hey, we all have to start somewhere and learn how to do things from the start!

Andrew has about 3 years cycling experience on a roadbike ahead of me, so I have a lot to learn and catch up on but he was great at putting it together and offering advice.

This weekend we're off to Leeds to see his family and the Tour de Yorkshire so i'm really excited for that!

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S x

22 April 2016

Fitness Friday: BorrowMyDoggy & Bear

chow chow puppy borrowmydoggy

 Last summer I signed up to Borrowmydoggy so I could enjoy the summer a bit more by getting out and walking. Since then I've walked quite a few dogs and my recent little friend is Bear!

Bear is about 20 weeks old now, a chow chow puppy and oh my goodness he is cute! (Don't you think?)

bear chowchow puppy borrowmydoggy

I decided I wanted to puppysit Bear and did some reading up on the breed as I'd never been around a ChowChow before.

I've been sitting him for a few weeks now and decided I had to share him properly here on the blog!

borrowmydoggy bear chowchow chow

 When it comes to my fitness I have realised that little  & often is just as necessary as going hard in the gym or out on the bike. So, I've been trying to incorporate more 'light' exercises into my routine such as more walking.

So I decided last year to sign up for Borrowmydoggy to get me out walking more and practicing for one day owning a dog. With exams and coursework imminent, I had been using the service more in the past month than before.

 I took up puppysitting Bear because I wanted to see what it was like spending time with such a young dog and see if it would deter me at all from wanting my own dog someday. It's given me a small amount of experience when dealing with puppies and how they react to everything and I would recommend borrowmydoggy as a great place to start if you're looking to practice your sitting skills so you can find out what you're getting yourself into!

As cute as he is, this one is a little nibbler! As he's gotten older, he's stopped nibbling as much, but if you're not so good with being nibbled, sitting a puppy will give you a real good chance to practice your patience and sternest voice and training skills!

But I love taking him out for a walk, as much as he pulls, I love watching how excited he gets by EVERYTHING!

chow chow puppy UK

chowchow puppy UK Newcastle B+W

sleeping puppy chowchow borrowmydoggy

For those who don't know, BorrowMyDoggy is a service that both owners and walkers can sign up for! You can walk and sit dogs in your local area, so head over there!

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9 April 2016

5 Things I wish I was doing rather than Revising...

That dreadful time of year is back.

Exam time.

Fortunately for me I only have two exams this year but I do also have 4 pieces of coursework to hand in, some of them totally 100% of their modules mark- so they are weighing pretty heavily on me right now! 

Being so busy revising and focusing on work hasn't left me with much of a holiday this easter, so I made a list of a few things I'd rather be doing than revising!

1. Go to the Discover Film Festival

discover film kevin spacey

I was actually kindly invited down to this wonderful film festival but due to uni starting on Monday, I couldn't go. 

The festival features a series of short films, some of which feature big names like Kevin Spacey, Brian Blessed and Tom Hurt pitting against each other to win awards.

discover film festival cinema

But as a media and journalism student there is nothing more I love than watching films, discussing them and getting inspired to make my own. It's taking place down at the Phoenix Cinema in London and for more information... click here. 
Take a look at 'The Ventriloquist' that won Best Short Film in 2012!

2.  Visiting Edinburgh Zoo again!

edinburgh zoo pandas

edinburgh zoo penguin parade

edinburgh zoo baboon faces

edinburgh zoo tiger

We keep making plans to visit both of these places but never make it through. I went to Edinburgh last year and loved it, so I can't wait to go back. Especially to the zoo! I loved taking my go-pro out for the first time and getting to see the pandas i'd heard so much about. The city is also absolutely gorgeous! 

3. Going on my first trip to Dublin!

Dublin has always fascinated me and I keep seeing plenty of cheap deals to go! I keep looking at the photos on LonelyPlanet and I really hope I get to go sometime this year!

There is talk of going for our anniversary- so let's hope the pennies line up and get us out the Guiness factory!(Not the only reason we're going- I swear!)

4. Binge-watching Netflix (without the guilt)

netflix and chill

One reason I can't wait for summer? So that on my nights in I can just chill and watch netflix without the uneasy anxiety and guilt that I should be working!

I have been obsessed with Reign, House of Cards and the Tudors! 

5. Having the mother of all pamper sessions!

lush unicorn horn
My lush Unicorn Horn!

I am talking getting a haircut (which i desperately need), trying out a manicure for the first time ever, a pedicure too! as well as a lush bath with some relaxing music, a drink and a face mask!

The night my exams are over I am hogging the bath at my boyfriend's place and i'm just going to melt into bliss! 

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This post was kindly sponsored by the  Discover Film Festival, all opinions are my own.


8 April 2016


When it comes to my weightloss story it has been full of ups and downs. I realised I needed something to help me consistently keep track of everything I was doing. Last year I upgraded to my Polar A300. 

polar a300

In 2014, I bought the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor in Pink and I reviewed it on here. 

polar ft4 review

Having it changed my approach to fitness. Despite ups and downs, I definitely got out of the house more often and went to the gym more than I ever did before.

But it wasn't quite enough of what I wanted. I needed a heart rate monitor that wasn't all about the gym, that I could wear all day and I would know how every decision on different days of my life was affecting me.

So I opted for an upgrade... The Polar A300.

In the box was a connector male to female USB cable, the Polar A300 and a Heart Rate Band.

polar flow, polar app polar a300

This is a screen shot of the app on my phone. The app is available on both the App Store and on the Play store making it easily accessible.

To connect your watch and the app, simply turn the bluetooth on on your phone then press the bottom left button in and wait for 'connecting to app' to appear on the watch and the watch will sync it's

Even if you don't sync for a few days, the watch will load all the previous data that hasn't been logged- so don't leave it too long or you'll be sat there for awhile waiting to see how well you're doing!

The Polar A300 is useful as you can monitor your fitness all day and all night!
It even tracks your sleep, by checking how restless you are during the night you can see how well you slept. A key part of losing weight and getting fitter is having proper sleep. I find this such a helpful feature of the watch as I often end up with an awful sleep cycle.

My favourite part is the fact that on you can set your own fitness profiles and tailor your watch to you! I started off with the basics of running, walking, swimming, cycling, indoor/outdoor exercise, group training and strength training. 

Then once I had a nosey online I changed mine to walking, cycling, swimming, riding and strength training. Whatever sport you do you can tailor your watch to have those profiles, then when you're about to work out, you just select the profile and use the band. After training and you sync your results, they'll appear on your calendar as the little symbol of that sport with all the data. 

race for life 5K

home gym workout kettlebell yoga

Overall, I love my Polar A300. It just works for me, sure there are newer versions now of HR monitor watches but no I love mine! 

I have had a few sync up issues in the past year but in general I just wet the band, press the bluetooth connector button and it starts syncing. 

I post this this week as I've nearly owned my polar a300 for a year and it has just become my go-to watch. I wear it pretty much everyday!

On Monday my student loan is in and I can finally focus on my fitness goals properly again!

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S x

2 April 2016

March Favourites!

March has been a really exciting month for me! I can feel my confidence growing and I can't wait until the uni year is over so I can focus on these things more!
I got to spend more time on my photography as well which has made me so happy.
( I love this photo of Jes)
cat jesmond

easter chocolate bunnies

lancome juicy shakers fenwicks

I have been to events, met new people and been really putting effort into growing my blog and social media. The end of the semester happened too so it's now time to focus on revision and coursework! I made my first ever 'makeup' video on youtube which although it's not great I'm glad I had the confidence to do so! Easter has come and gone too with far too much chocolate for someone who is supposed to be losing weight haha!

I've also had a slight increase in my exercise since using 'borrowmydoggy' more, meeting the cutest labs who are keeping me fit and the cutest little chow chow puppy who I've been sitting! A perfect revision partner!

A photo posted by Shannon🐺 (@shambiwolf) on

I thought I would share my March Favourites with you! I'm going to make a huge effort to keep growing my Youtube so go and have a peek! 

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S x

1 April 2016

Fitness Journey Update 2!

womens health millie mcintosh made in chelsea

This post I feel might be a lengthy one but in a weird way, this is a post more for me than my readers, as I really want to share and discuss my journey over the past month.

Another slow month for me with my weight staying pretty much exactly the same. 
BUT, I'm not letting that discourage me as I know I could have made more effort with my exercise. My food however has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with me eating predominantly healthy with the odd couple of days of binging going on. 

I am stuck at around 220-223lbs at the moment. I've been around this weight for a couple of weeks now, I try not to get annoyed but I know I haven't put in the effort to make it any less.

But, I also haven't done enough damage for weight to be gained. So there is that. I told myself I'd take a selfie just as proof of what my weight was around this time. So, I'm glad I know how to manage my weight enough to stay stable so I'm quite proud of it- but the weight needs to start coming off!


I ended the month on a low note of sugar addiction which has annoyed me. I am annoyed I gave into myself and allowed myself to think I need overly sugary energy drinks to help me revise. I really hated seeing those bright orange and green bottles in my rubbish. So, April I'm going to make a conscious effort to stay away from too much sugar.

I'm going to do this 3 week challenge from the 11th April (student loan day) and i'll let you know how it goes!

I get my student loan mid-april which is good, meaning I can go back to budgeting a proper food budget for healthy meals rather than just eating whatever is left in my cupboards and eating the same things repeatedly. 

But this month has been good in terms of finding new things I like.  I am a huge fan of chicken, can't get enough of the stuff! But I have also been branching out to enjoy salmon too and eating more and more vegetables. 

I still have a long way to go with my diet. With exercise I can push myself through and get on with it once I'm there at the gym, but food is the main struggle for me.

I find it so difficult to stay away from sugary snacks especially fizzy drinks. But I think I have a way round this that I hope to implement this next term! I have decided to only have a cheat day whilst staying at Andrews which is usually only once or twice a week.

I'm also quite proud of my newfound confidence in cooking. I'm slowly starting to be less afraid of the kitchen. Sounds daft I know, but I always ruin any meal i try to cook. I don't have much confidence and i think it's just a vicious circle really. However, in the past month I've been looking for ways to cook the meals I normally buy. I actually enjoy making my own sweet potato mash and I'm enjoying the difference in price too!


I also have a good thing to celebrate regarding food this month. I went from 50 days logging on MyFitnessPal to 70!

This is a new record for me and I can't wait to see how far I can get in April! I need to get better at logging my exercise too!


This month has been a very relaxed approach to exercise. I've had the odd day with a long walk or a cycle but nothing too consistent. I've found that burning off my daily goal of 500 cals with just walking rarely happens. Only if I walk the dogs. And then I really feel it the next day.

So my main goal for next month? To have at least 3 training sessions a week on this calendar! Those are the ones that really make the difference! They are also the ones that I use my HR monitor for rather than just the pedometer. But all the days with low counts have been revision days where I didn't even leave the flat so I can't expect them to be high!

So, I've decided I'm going to take up cycling everywhere instead. I enjoy the feeling of it far more and I get everywhere much faster. I also need to get better practice and confidence at handling the roads with cars.

I'm also looking at getting a new bike. My Brooke bike is a hybrid and not great for long distance cycling and I really want to be able to be part of the cycling club come September. It's a hard decision to make as it is an expense but over the summer I will be spending a lot of time alone and I want others to see a huge change in me physically as well as a person. I really want a goal to work towards and to be able to be part of the club and be able to cycle with them would be such an awesome end to the summer.

I am really aiming to own the Avanti Giro 2. It just seems like a perfect fit for a beginner like me! 

This past month the majority of my exercise has come about from 3 wonderful doggies! For anyone who has got this far in the post and wants to have some company, practice looking after a dog or just a walk companion I highly recommend BorrowMyDoggy - I have been using it for almost a year now and love it!

I've been getting some long walks in with the labs who fortunately live just round the corner so adding that to my weekly schedule is going to give me a relaxing rest day!

And here's little Bear who I have been puppysitting! 

He may be small but he is fierce! And does NOT seem to tire on a walk until you get home, with his walk around Jesmond Dene nearly filling my watch. This is one reason why I really can't wait to own a dog as I know I'll be kept alot fitter!

General Changes

In general this month I have seen my confidence soar. I have been to blog events, been more active on my Youtube and I'm even starting to consider vlogging my weightloss/fitness journey. I'm still nervous and unsure of this but it would probably make my vlogs a little bit more exciting and interesting!

However, I have noticed myself becoming easily irritable. I find it quite hard to stick to routine so this next month I need to try to stick to one. I've found that if I have a lazy day I feel so down, and so I need to keep myself busy. Luckily it's the month of coursework and revision for exams, so I have plenty to work around. I really hope I can get some weightloss during this stressful time but it is going to require some hard work! 

If you're interested in following along: check me out on Snapchat (Shambiwolf) or follow my fitness Instagram here.

If you're an avid watcher of Youtube head over there to check out my vlogs and other videos!

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S x
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