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14 March 2016

My 'making an effort' Uni Makeup

maybelline foundation rimmel sleek palette university uni makeup

Most days my makeup routine consists of some concealer, mascara and lip balm as I run out the door to make it on time!

I like to cycle to uni so a full face of makeup can be a bit much but last Thursday I was going into uni to meet the Equestrian Society so we could all vote on next years committee members!

I can really see vast improvements in my confidence the last couple of months as I did something I didn't think I would do: I applied for not one, but two of the positions!

Sadly, I didn't get either of the positions that I went for, which makes sense as I'm not an active member of the society but there is hope of a new position possibly opening up soon that I've been told I'd be good for- so *fingers crossed*!

I couldn't believe I did it and the fact I even went for it shows how much more confident i'm feeling in putting myself forward for things!

But anyway back to the makeup. With the rubbish weather we've been having I had to regain some of my confidence by doing myself up a little more than I normally do.

I wanted to try out new products I had as well as old faithfuls. 

I tried my Makeup Revolution Palette out going for a nude eye and opted to try my new Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation, giving a first impression!

Check it out below!

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