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27 February 2016

Mac Red Lips

Earlier this month I had my first proper encounter with a Mac counter!

I nipped into Fenwicks and simply asked about foundation as I wanted to see if they had anything as pale as I am. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the chair getting a full face of makeup tested on my skin to see what would look and feel good!

I was a bit nervous due to having no makeup on at all due to dry skin but the woman was so kind about it and recommended NC13 as my shade and helped me make a little 'wishlist' of products so that I could come back for them all.

Sadly the student budget doesn't stretch to a full face of Mac products no matter how much the heart may want them!

However, I couldn't just leave with nothing after she tried out red lips on me.

Being a pale brunette I'm always told I would look lovely with red lips, that it suits my skin tone and would look lovely.

But I had no clue what would work!

She checked my skin tone and assured me of the tones that would work- definitely not orangey reds!

After this she lined my lips with 'High Energy' - a pro longwear lip pencil.

It was quite obvious I had been lining my lips wrong and with a few moments of her time she taught me how to do it correctly!

Then she filled my lips in with 'Just Add Romance' a new Velvetease lip pencil.

The formula was so creamy, I knew it wouldn't crack or dry up and I was stunned at how much it transformed my face. For the first time, I felt really confident having red lips!

However, I was in a hoodie and jeans and shopping in town in the middle of the day, so I had to wipe the red lips off!

But after being taught what to do, I decided I had to bring them both home with me!

So far, I'm improving my lip lining skills as well as my confidence with the colour, so much so that I really hope that once I have the confidence in my weightloss, I can buy a sexy dress to match the red lips and head out to town with the boy!

The woman from the mac counter at Fenwicks was really lovely and did this all for free so I was really pleased and will definitely be heading back if I need my makeup done for a night out!

Red lips is not a look that I would wear everyday! But it is perfect for a date night, and it works perfectly with a nude smokey eye.

 I definitely think it would work well with an eye look from the Naked 3 palette which has gorgeous rose gold and shimmery tones that would make your eyes sparkle and stand out!

For perfume, I would definitely opt for the Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum, as it is such a rosey, sensual smell. Perfect with a pretty dress heels and this look!

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 S x

25 February 2016

Throwback to Edinburgh Zoo!

Last February I headed up to Edinburgh for the weekend. I had always wanted to visit Edinburgh so I was really excited, especially when I realised I'd get to visit Edinburgh Zoo!

On the first day we explored the city and spent ages walking around taking photos. My feet absolutely ached but I was determined to have a great sunday at the zoo.

So, I thought I'd share with you a few photos and a vlog from my trip last year. 

I am planning a return to Edinburgh hopefully sometime this year, it really is a city i'd love to live in! 

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24 February 2016

Roses are Red...

As February is the month most associated with romance and of course, Valentines Day, I had to share a few slightly girlier, romantic posts!

Roses are the flowers most associated with love, so  I collected together my favourite rose products for you to have a look at!

Rose scented products are right at the top of my list just above vanilla, coconut and strawberry. There is something just so sweet and elegant but also light about the scent of roses and of course the pretty pink packaging of most rose scented products makes the room look a little more lovely!

Herbal Essences Rose Scented Shampoo and Conditioner

I have loved the scent of this shampoo for years! Then it disappeared for awhile and I didn't think they were going to bring it back, but when I found it again, I stocked up quickly. Some people really don't like herbal essences shampoo and i'll admit I don't use it very often, but I do love the scent. The larger bottles also last me a lot longer than the rest of my shampoos too!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

I am kind of annoyed at myself for only getting the small bottle of this! I switch between this Snow Fairy most days and I love the smell! My little bathroom smells so rosey after a shower and the argan oil in it keeps my very dry skin nice and hydrated. 

Rosie for Autograph Parfum, Day and Night

If you're a regular reader, especially over the last couple of months you may be slightly sick of me talking about this! I'm not normally one for perfume but the day parfum lasts all day, smells so sweet and feminine and smelling it puts me in such a good mood! I feel so feminine when I wear this and it has really helped boost my mood on these drab wintery days! 

For Valentines I got the Nuit Parfum which is just the most gorgeous evening scent, perfect for a date night or a naughty night in! The bottle is just as gorgeous as the day parfum but the dark purple gives a really sensual look to the bottle and the smell is a rich, vibrant, sexy, night scent. I love it! I'm not the most confident woman when it comes to being feminine but wow this perfume makes me feel so nice!

Having real roses in the flat...

I love Valentines time because not only does it give me the chance to be given red roses ( my favourite flowers!) but they also go on sale for pretty cheap soon after! Meaning that I can afford to buy a few more bunches for the flat for the weeks afterwards! 

Rose Scented Candles

I couldn't not have rose scented candles on the list! Two of my favourite things in one! I love the idea of cuddling up watching a cute film with candles burning and especially if they are as sweet as this little elephant! Although this little elephant is years old and from Thailand, I do keep a few spare rose scented candles and diffusers around as he really is too adorable to burn!

What are your favourite romantic items? Do you enjoy the scent of roses or do you prefer something else?

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20 February 2016

Fitness Journey Update! Month 1!

Hello Everyone!

I set up my New Years Resolution to look after myself a bit better. I wanted to focus more on my fitness and health this year.

So  these were my goals for the last month or so, set by my Myfitnesspal account. I really adore this app! I'm currently on a 30 day logging streak which is pretty good for me. I keep track of my exercise using PolarFlow and my Polar A300 and at the end of the day I log the exercise I've done over on myfitnesspal.

So far, a month in and i've got a 30 day streak and I feel far more organised. So much so that it's starting to spill over into uni work and the rest of my life! I have printed out timetables and bought new planners.

I'm quite proud of my almost 8lbs loss although I really wanted 10, but I barely exercised and the 10lb was a goal for better diet and exercise.

I even created an instagram solely for the purpose of documenting my fitness journey and everything inspiring I find! I tried using Tumblr too but I think Instagram is definitely the way to go! I love having the ability to post a picture and easily come back to it, so I can see my progress clearly and my journey.

I didn't take a photo at the beginning of my journey and this one is from -8lbs. It will pretty much be the start of my journey photo.

These are my goals for the next month and i'll be back at the end of March to update you all!

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17 February 2016

Valentines Part 2: Mog on the Tyne

After a lovely walk around the Laing, a quick stop in at a pub due to the hail we finally made it to Mog on the Tyne. 

Inside the cafe is decorated with awesome cat wallpaper and graffiti art, plenty of comfy sofas and places to sit and eat. 

Tucked away down from the bigg market in the centre of town, we arrived just after the kitties afternoon nap. 

Altogether there are 10 cats living in the cafe!

At first we couldn't find all the cats but then we found this one tucked away at the back in the comfy shark bed!

We went in, took off our shoes and sat down at the table. The cats have the run of all three floors and live in the cafe permanently. 

Inside, they have cat towers, shelves, a rope bridge on the ceiling and even a treadmill! 

 Most of the cats were still asleep so we ordered some food immediately.  I opted for a diet coke and a delicious ham and cheese 'pawnini' whilst Andrew had the soup of the day and the Valentines hot chocolate!

We sat at the table right in the window, a perfect place for the cats who wanted to keep a nosey look out at the street outside. Or have a nap! 

 Andrew took a real liking to 'Stan the Man'. He was asleep throughout most of our visit but still enjoyed a nice little headscratch and stroke whilst he was asleep.

Every little nook and cranny is filled with toys, cat decor and the cats have the full run of the place. Whilst we ate they came up to us and around us.

After eating, we walked around giving them strokes, taking photos and playing with them. There's even an electronic cheese toy that when you press the button little mice pop out! 

We were given some treats to feed them and continued taking photos and playing with them until our hour was up. 

These cats have a truly pampered life- something that is really wonderful considering they're all rescues!

It's only £5 per person plus food or drink which is also very cheap and it is a really relaxing, cute fun hour! But you will probably have to book online! I will definitely be visiting again!

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S x
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