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30 December 2016

#2016bestnine and my favourite moments of 2016

After seeing everyone sharing their top 9 from Instagram, I had a little nosey to see what mine were!
It got me thinking about the favourite photos I've taken this year and so I thought i'd write a post sharing my favourite moments and photos throughout 2016...


Polar V650, Strava and my 2017 cycling goals!

So 2016 is drawing to a close and if you've been on the blog before, you might have noticed I've taken quite a shine to cycling this year.

With the new year fast approaching and Christmas having just passed, I thought I'd share what I got for Christmas and my goals for 2017!


23 December 2016

Day trip to York

Earlier this month, we popped down to York for the day. York used to be home so it was really exciting to go back for the first time in almost 5 years...


7 December 2016

6 December 2016

Blogmas Day 6: Working Graduation!

A short one today as I am beyond tired. I've just finished working the final day of Graduation.
I've had another lovely day watching all the graduates come in for their photos with their families...


1 December 2016

Blogmas Day One: My Christmas Wishlist!

I can't believe it is finally December! I am so excited for Blogmas this year! So I thought I would kick off Blogmas by sharing my Christmas wishlist...


28 November 2016

How to be organised at university

Coming away to university was a huge shock to my system and I was used to living away from home and keeping myself organised. Uni throws you in at the deep end with lots to do and modules to keep track of as well as a busy social calendar.

So I thought I'd share a few tips from myself and some uni friends that have helped us all stay more organised and kept us sane!


25 November 2016

#Rubyourselfie Cocktail Making!

The Gate now has a new addition to its first floor, Rub Smokehouse & Bar. A quirky restaurant that also serves up amazing cocktails...


23 November 2016

19 November 2016

Christmas with The Body Shop!

Spending the evening with The Body Shop looking at their Christmas range has me so excited for Christmas this year! 

Come take a look...


9 November 2016


It's not everyday you get invited to drink with an emperor...

6 November 2016

8 Week Plan: Week one

I have completed week one of my 8 week plan! Week one of a countdown until Christmas! 
As the first week of my plan, I'm pretty proud of the changes i've made so far. 

2 November 2016

Cycling: My first Sky ride!

avanti giro quayside newcastle

On Monday I had my first group cycle experience, by attending my first ever SkyRide!

Since August I have been very focused on my weightloss and fitness journey. I am determined to reach my goal weight by graduation, which is next summer. 

Cycling has become my favourite way to help me on my journey and I had one of my first cycling milestones this week: my first ever group ride!

1 November 2016

Newcastle after dark

This September marks four years of living in Newcastle for me. It could even possibly be my last year here as I graduate in the summer.  Newcastle is a unique place to live, it offers so much for so many different types of people and there is something about it's small city centre that makes it homely but still a vibrant place to live...


16 October 2016

Journalism: My First Milestones!

There is something so amazing about reaching milestones at work. When I started my media and journalism degree I was so nervous. I wasn't sure if I was making the right move and determined to work hard to find something for me.

13 October 2016

World Mental Health Day: An update!

labrador cuddle dog park forest walkies lifestyle blog

With World Mental Health Day on Monday, I felt I needed to write a little something about my own. It got me thinking about my progress over the past few weeks and decided an update was in order...


30 September 2016

Clash of the Titans

After having an amazing time interviewing Alex Danson, I headed up to Kingston Park to cover the Clash! 
Clash of the Titans is the first big match of the year, against Newcastle University, so it was a huge day!


September Update: My 1YRWL PLAN

Hey Everyone!

I am so glad that uni has started and I have enrolled on the third and final year of my course! 
I also paid for my year's gym membership upfront so I can focus on studying and my weightloss goals without worrying about the bill coming out every month! (I always get worried I haven't paid it!)

29 September 2016

TN Hockey meet Alex Danson!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my year so far. I got an email asking me to do something for my sports internship and I immediately said yes and stuck my cameras on charge. When I woke up that morning I had no idea I was going to meet an Olympic athlete...


25 September 2016

How saying yes changed my life this month...

Saying yes can be a bloody terrifying thing to do sometimes. Other times it can get you doing stuff you never thought you would do.

September has been a month of ups, downs and so many fresh starts to so many things in my life. I was determined to make the most of this start to the new academic year and told myself 'just say yes'. Say yes to more things and try to not always be so negative! 

So what ended up happening as a result of this?


19 September 2016

Blossoms at the Freshers Ball

Blossoms came to play at the Fresher's ball!...

11 September 2016


Saturday night was the start of my role as member of the freshers media team, kicking off with the UV rave!


6 September 2016

A raw honest post about my depression

Sometimes it is really difficult to be honest with yourself. To know when you've truly had enough of something, rather than continue fighting it.

For me, I always try and try again. I'm stubborn as hell, I may throw a hissy fit but I will try again. I try not to quit things if I can.
I put up an instagram story about how I was so excited for September. That has been true for months. So much change was about to happen to my life in September and I was yearning for it...


4 September 2016


I'm a huge fan of all natural products. This face mask is one for everyone to try and if it was a good enough face mask recipe for Cleopatra, I was going to give it a try! ...


2 September 2016

Bespoke Jewellery with Diwah

Getting to design your own jewellery is probably something a lot of people don't think they'll ever get the chance to do.
To create something for yourself is a really awesome experience and I was lucky enough to be asked to by Diwah...


1 September 2016

1YRWL PLAN: Month 1 Update!

I am currently on a 32 day streak on Myfitnesspal. Finally getting going again after a disastrous couple of days with no wifi or 4g, losing my 180 day streak. sob.

Month one has been a bit of a mess. Let's be honest, how much exercise could I do commuting for three weeks and in an office? Not much!

However, my weight has stayed the same which is a real blessing in disguise. I might be upset, but at least I haven't gained weight!

Month 1 has been getting the ball rolling on my plan- sort of an admin month really.
I've been sorting out all the necessary things I'd need to sort for the upcoming month and anything that may be of use to my blogging it as well.

So this month I have:

  • Organised transferring gym to the uni one so I will actually go. It's right on campus next door to my lectures!
  • Spare cycling kit has been ordered and any necessary maintenance for my bike is being done on a regular basis.
  • Working out my budget when it comes to my food shop. I always overspend on food or buy lots of rubbish so I've been working out my budget better so that I know how much a healthy shop should cost once student loan arrives! going to prove that I can be healthy on a low budget!
  • I've been to the doctors and got help for my urticaria. I have also put into motion getting a PPC so I can order my prescriptions easier and quicker and cheaper! I DON'T WANT MY HEALTH GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY GOAL!
  • Taken a 'slow but steady' approach to my weightloss. Small steps are better than none. So I've been forcing myself out on my bike once I returned, at home I got off the bus a stop or so early to walk back. I'm trying to make more mindful choices of what I eat and taking notice of when I'm not feeling great and trying to find other ways of making myself feel better. 

So September, the month where I can finally start to do some good!
Tomorrow I'm signing up to Northumbria's gym Sports Central, and that' where I will be working out from now on. Until I get the all clear from the doctor I won't be swimming though. 

My Goals for the next month:

Gym 3x a week
Cycling 2x a week
Stick to my 1290 calorie count everyday
Aim for 750 cals exercise a day

Wish me luck- and if you're interested, you can follow a more up to date version of what i'm doing over on my fitness instagram.

Don't forget to follow me below! S x

31 August 2016

Living with Cold and Cholinergic Urticaria

I was sure I was never going to bring this up on my blog. I was positive I couldn't write about it and I was too scared to be judged for it. But it has affected my lifestyle so much, and I feel I need to write about it.

Living with urticaria is hard. It has a horrible sound to the name, and not many people actually know what it is. It's not something terrifying, or venereal... it's just a skin condition. But one that is seriously affecting my lifestyle...


18 August 2016

The best week ever to be a British cycling fan!

What a week to be British! I am so proud right now to be from this little island! 

I've had a pretty incredible August, completely filled to the brim with bikes, fitness goals, and cycling... 


15 August 2016

Plus Size Workout Wear : My favourite gym vests and sports leggings that aren't see through!

plus size sportswear

Working out can be an incredibly daunting thing to do. Especially when you feel unhappy with your body. But for me, it's all about making myself more comfortable and confident enough to get the workout done- so that I one day can be really happy in my own skin.

You sometimes just need the right thing to wear...

13 August 2016

Chicken Stir Fry

chicken stir fry recipe

Coming home is such a good thing for a lot of different reasons. One of the best, is the good food. 
One of my favourite dishes from home so I thought whilst I'm here, I'd share it with you...

12 August 2016


Cyclist Magazine internship northumbria university

When I got the email telling me I was accepted for a 3 week internship at Cyclist magazine in London, I was so excited...


7 August 2016

My Favourite Skin Care Products!

E45 Sudocrem Clinique Garnier

 Living with dry skin is the bane of my existence. It can make me incredibly self-conscious but I have found so many amazing products that are helping me have great skin!

So I thought I would share my favourite products here on the blog! Enjoy!


6 August 2016

My first week at home!

Being back home is a rare occurrence for me and I use it as a real excuse to get snap-happy! My garden is full of colour and is great for testing out my new camera. I also went out for a visit to see an old friend!...


1 August 2016

My One Year Weightloss Plan!

Losing weight is such a personal journey. I've decided I really want to change how I'm living my life over the next year, just in time for graduation...

29 July 2016


Only one week until the Rio Olympics begin and I can't wait to watch it. The London Olympic fever was infectious last time and now they need our support for Rio! So I thought I would share my top 5 favourite athletes who are competing for Team GB at Rio this year!


27 July 2016

Sunderland Air Show

Over the weekend, Sunderland Air Show made its' annual return to the North East. I was so keen to go last year but unfortunately couldn't, so when I heard it was coming back, I had to go!


21 July 2016


Lancome has definitely become my favourite high-end brand and I was so pleased when this appeared in my post box! I had seen this new range allover the big blogs and so I sent off to try it myself!


17 July 2016

7 things that have made me happy this week!

This week has been really relaxing and fun and I feel refreshed about getting back into blogging so I decided to create a happy weekly list!


16 July 2016

Pokemon Go!

It's absolute everywhere. Of course you've heard of it unless you've been living somewhere with no internet! The world wide craze is here and my god I'm in love with this game!

My Everyday Lip Combo!

I have heard so much good stuff about NYX and I've slowly been getting to love the brand myself. In particular, this gorgeous everyday nude liquid lipstick combo!

15 July 2016

Limited Edition Barry M Nails!

Carnival Couture Barry M Superdrug

I am trying to keep a cap on my spending and only buy things I really want to try so I can save up but I was really interested to try these Limited Edition colours from Barry M, as they are the perfect summer colours!


7 July 2016

Another Park Photo Trip

Awhile back during exams, we offset all the revision with getting out as much as we could to take photos and explore. 

5 July 2016

Opinion: Vaping

As a student journalist, I'm always being told that I should not my opinion into my work, unless I am writing an opinion piece.


27 June 2016

25 June 2016


A few days ago I went to the shops to get some food and walked past the stand where the DVD's normally are. But they were gone and had been replaced with these T-shirts. I immediately bought one.


23 June 2016

GRAZE Blogger Challenge!

I'm really getting into snacking healthily again, and am finding small portions of nuts, fruit or cereal bars on the go are stopping me from snacking on things like chocolate! So when Graze said they wanted me to try their summer blogger challenge, I said yes in the hope of finding something new I liked!


22 June 2016

A Day in the Park

Before Andrew and his grandparents headed back down to Leeds, we went for a walk in the park. We took the cameras and had a little wander before heading into town. 


21 June 2016

Bread machine Focaccia!

When I started blogging I had no idea that I was going to go down the line of trying to use it to improve my health and fitness.


The Hoppings

The Hoppings is a fair that comes to Newcastle every June and I have been wanting to go since first year. But this year was the first year I got to go and I was so excited!

We headed over to recon the fair on Saturday with our cameras, scout out the prices and what we wanted to come back for!


20 June 2016

Tyneside Sunshine

 Andrew's grandparents came to collect him and take him home for the summer and the weather in Newcastle was too good ( for once!) to pass up a trip to the seaside whilst they were here.


4 June 2016

Ninja Burgers at Bar 28

ninja burgers

Thursday evening was an eventful evening. We had been invited along to the Launch of Ninja Burgers at Bar 28 in town, and as students, we were not saying no to free food!
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