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31 December 2015


The last day of 2015, we made it, eh?

So naturally I had a little look through my instagram for my favourite photos from the past year!

2015 has been an absolutely mental year for me. SO many ups and downs. Just like every year, I hope that the coming year is better and that so much happens that didn't happen this year!


30 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: 5 of my favourite things from 2015

I wouldn't be able to call myself a media (and journalism) student without having an unhealthy obsession with films, tv and gaming. 

So I had a little look back at my favourite things I played and watched of 2015!


I am thoroughly obsessed. And to think I was going to cancel my Netflix subscription! NOPE!
It is so brilliant, I have been binging it throughout the holidays.


I love it so much I even made a previous post about it! The soundtrack is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and I use it to relax to or fall asleep to.  I'm still reading the book at the moment and I really adore how good a writer she is. 


I had been waiting for this film for awhile. I did some coursework for university on it and I was so interested to see how it turned out. It was so good it made it into one of my top 5 films of this year. Although the mostly mute Tom Hardy was a bit of a letdown as I love his voice.

4.SIMS 4 

Another thing I waited ages for! I was so glad to finally get it. There are a few letdowns in this game but overall I love how it runs. I like the fact I have a slightly different version to my sims 3 to play with and the building options are far better in this new version. I also love the improved social interactions and their moods. The sims themselves are far more lifelike with the ability to multitask!


OH THE BBC OUTDID THEMSELVES! I even ordered the free poster from the Open University. I live for these types of nature documentaries. It's the field of journalism and media I would most love to go into! The scenes were so stunning and I loved the end of each episode where it showed how they made it. I'm really tempted to buy the book for all the stunning photographs.


23 December 2015


So today the day finally came for me to pack my bag and head home for Christmas.
An early start and a short flight and I was back down south.


19 December 2015

BLOGMAS: Frozen Cupcakes

So it's your last night together as a couple until the New Year as Christmas is approaching so you've got to go your separate ways for a couple of weeks, visit family and go home. So what do you do?

You could order in a takeaway, binge your favourite films and have a cosy evening in, cuddled up on the sofa just the two of you.

Or, you could get all dressed up and venture out into the cold to a nice cosy pub or a bar and have a few drinks, a dance or even go ice-skating.

No, not us. 

Frozen Cupcakes at 2am is what we decided to do...


18 December 2015


Christmas is definitely the time of year for feel-good, emotional, family films. 

I'm not one for traditional christmas films really but anything cute, fluffy or somewhat emotional, it's getting watched throughout the festive period. 

So I thought I would share with you the cutest non-christmas film that I just saw yesterday! 

The story of Hachi.


8 December 2015


It is no secret I am completely obsessed with coconut scented products. That and the lovely sweet smell of Vanilla.

One of my favourite shops to get my coconut scented products is definitely The Body Shop.

Two of these, the Coconut Shower Cream and the Hand Gel were small birthday presents but the coconut body mist I have had for months now. I have used it at least a couple of times a week since I bought it and it's still not empty!

I completely adore the entire range of Coconut products at the Body Shop, each product I've tried so far has long lasting fragrance, hasn't irritated my sensitive skin and has been really good value for money!

Plus, the Body Shop do wonderful gift sets which makes it perfect for a Christmas present!

S x 


4 December 2015

ACTIVISM: on yer' bike!

My beloved hybrid bike, a good bike for a beginner!

In the past year my love for cycling has been rekindled.

I cycled a lot as a child, I would cycle to school and then spend my free time going down past the river and to the parks.

But like most British children my bike became forgotten really except for the odd ride in the summer. 

This year however, I became obsessed with cycling. I watched the Tour De France and got out on my bike more often!

Cycling is definitely a method of transport that is overlooked, and it could really help us, our environment and our wallets so here's a few reasons why we need to be getting in the saddle! 

2 December 2015


We all love a bargain. Especially around christmas time, you can still spread Christmas cheer without hurting your wallet.

For many of us shopping in high street chains that specialise in 'fast fashion' is just part of everyday life and we love being able to buy cheap clothes, shoes and accessories. We nip into shops and can buy a whole outfit for £30 nowadays- about 5 hours work on minimum wage in the UK.

We go home, we wear these clothes and if they rip or get too badly messed up, we just throw them in the bin. Then we go back out and buy another item. I am so guilty of buying like this, I have thrown out countless pairs of trousers and old shirts because they are no longer useful.

But for someone else, on the other side of the world, these garments give them purpose outside of the sex trade. Although it may seem like a way out, in many ways it is not.

They start work as children, and as adults, they must leave their children with their families just so they can work 23 hour days in a smelly, unsafe factory. Their husbands die from pesticide poisonings and chemicals burn their skin and cause their whole communities to fall ill and die. All of this cost for the return of $68 a month. 


1 December 2015



And hello to all of you! I have been absent from my blog a lot recently due to a lot of different reasons!

I have no camera, and plenty of university assignments taking over my life, as well as a part-time job over Christmas! Oh, and I'm moving on the 1st of January! So everything right now is GO, GO, GO!
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