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30 July 2015

A New Space

If anyone follows me on Instagram, you may have noticed these very recent pictures!

I decided with second year coming up I needed a proper desk to work at and a good comfortable chair. Thanks to Ikea I finally have a computer chair that is going to make studying that little bit comfortable and a lovely white desk!
( All for less than £50- thank you Ikea and for being considerate of a student budget!)

I'm pretty proud of myself for putting them together myself. The chair was actually easier than the desk as the screws now need tightening with an electric screwdriver.

Naturally with a new desk, it needed new decoration! So I got little cacti and an aloe vera plant just to add some nice greenery to my workspace.

My beauty collection has started to grow ( I blame all you beauty bloggers out there that i follow!) so I got some acrylic drawers from Amazon and in September I'll get myself a few more for the rest of my collection!

S x 

27 July 2015

My Current Everyday Face

benefit rimmel naked 3

It is absolutely no secret that my favourite brand is Rimmel. I love their lipsticks and now they have a BB cream that works great for my skintone. So naturally, most of my everyday face is Rimmel.

This little concealer is fab at hiding my blemishes and works great with the BB cream to make me not look orange!

I'm a nude lipstick kind of person really and this '03' by Kate Moss for Rimmel has been my favourite for a long time.

A few months ago I decided to splurge on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette after seeing it pretty much everywhere online and was hoping the rose gold, soft pink hues would give a little bit of colour to my pale face! So far it is working and I'm practicing different looks with it and I've found it to be a fairly sound investment. Even though a lot pricier than other eyeshadow palettes I've purchased, it has super pigmented shades that last and I know for a fact this palette is going to last me a long time.

Benefit Brow Zings has been a standard part of my face now for months since I got my first ever eyebrow wax and tint at Benefit. They did a grand job and i'm slowly picking up the art of shaping brows as mine are a strange mix of thick and bushy at the middle and then sparse at the ends.

(or if i'm being absolutely lazy it's the concealer with a bit of Maybelline falsies mascara to nip to the shops!)

S x 

19 July 2015

Jamies Italian at Monument

Jamie's Italian is one of my absolute favourite restaurants. It has an amazing menu, a gorgeous interior and is set in a prime location in Newcastle- slap bang in the middle of Monument!


17 July 2015

Max Factor Pinks

I have found my two favourite max factor pinks in the most gorgeous gold packaging!

16 July 2015

Newcastle Car Show

This particular sunday was a day where I could indulge in something I adore... cars!
My blog isn't particularly girly I'd say but there is a lot of beauty posts- so I thought i'd spice things up a little and show you all a different sort of beauty- vehicular beauty!

14 July 2015


On Saturday, we headed over to Gateshead to find a particular dog shelter that I'd found online that lets you sign up to walk their dogs for free!


13 July 2015

My First Ever Race: Race for Life 5K!

Race day finally arrived! I'm so glad I signed up for it!
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