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30 May 2015

Polar FT4 Review

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. - Jim Rohn

When I started to focus on my fitness and health, I realised a few things about myself. Firstly, I love numbers. I love all the numbers of weight-loss. When I'm cycling I see the distance numbers climbing and it motivates me to move faster! When I swim I get to go back to a sport I loved as a kid and get a great calorie burn.

I also realised i wasn't going to be someone who could do this with only a vague idea of what I was burning. I couldn't just get in the pool and hope I'd burn 500 calories in an hour. So I started looking for heart rate monitors.

I needed something that was waterproof and multi-sport and at a good price for my student budget.
I found the Polar FT4. 

The Positives: 

1) Tells you if you're in the target fat burning zone (the most useful info of the lot in my opinion).
2) Tells you how many calories you've burnt.
3) Tells you how long your exercise lasted for and how much of that time was spent in the fat burning zone.
4) It gives you a maximum heart rate for training period, as well as an average.
5) can be worn as a regular watch
6) Perfect for swimmers, runners, gym-goers and for group classes.
7) The battery lasts! I've used it on average 3 times a week for about a year and it's only just starting to wear out and need replacing.
8) The watch is a good size for the wrist, it's comfortable and you don't notice the straps. Plenty of holes for any size wrist. 

The Negatives:

1) It doesn't tell you the distance you've covered.
2) it isn't designed for 24/7 monitoring of your exercise.
3) It doesn't come with software that you can use to sync your results to your computer. However, you can go to the Polar training website and input your results manually, which is what I do; and you'll still get a record and chart of your results over a period of time.

Overall, this is a good starter heart rate monitor, a decent price for everything that it offers. 


28 May 2015


I finally got my hands on this 'cult' item... and it doesn't disappoint!

26 May 2015

25 May 2015


I have found my ultimate skin 'dream team'... Thank you Lush!


22 May 2015

Exams and the end of first year.

Hi there again!
I've been gone for a bit whilst I've been revising for my exams and preparing for the end of my first year studying journalism.

10 May 2015

Reading: My Summer Reading List

Hey Everyone!

It's exam time for me at the moment! I'm taking a bit of a break to type up some blog posts before I need to get back to revising for my shorthand exam tomorrow. 

To break up my revision I've got back into reading. It's so nice to read something that isn't course-related and to just sit, zone out and enjoy something I don't need to memorise! I'm currently reading "American Sniper" by Chris Kyle. I really like it so far, his story is a very interesting one and the book is easy to read. 

I also decided to get back into Youtube! I decided to share my summer reading list. I've got so many books I've been dying to read but haven't really had time outside of my course. Bring on summer so I can go laze about in the park and read!

Hope you like it :) 

What are you planning on reading this summer?

Shannon x 


4 May 2015

Contouring: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit

I cannot believe it finally came! I ordered this from America as it was waitlisted in the UK.
I had seen it allover Youtube and seen great reviews of it- even for paler people like myself.

I'm really interested in learning how to contour my face so i've invested in this higher end product as well as cheaper palettes from brands like Sleek and MUA.

I was really impressed when I first opened this- the colours really work for me. Even though the darker shades for contouring are quite orange toned, it brightens up my complexion and will be perfect if I get a bit of a tan this summer.

I've found the pink tone to be a perfect cream blush, so this palette is perfect for a complete basic face look!
The creamy texture really works for my skin, and it is easy to apply even for a newbie like me.

This palette features in a recent makeup haul I did along with other Anastasia Beverly Hills products too.

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