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30 April 2015

#throwbackthursday: Demetri

I love the throwback thursday hashtag. It's a good excuse to dive back into the past and share something! I decided for today's the blog needed an extra dose of CUTE! You've met Pam, but I wanted to show you my first hamster love! Here is Demetri!

I got him from my boyfriend at the time's brother who didn't want him anymore and had him for just under a year before he passed. I always felt sorry for him because he was on his own, yet his breed of hamster are supposed to be kept in pairs and groups- so we played with him an extra amount. 

I miss his cute little face :(  


27 April 2015

My First Vlog- Edinburgh Zoo Part 1

Here is my first ever Vlog! Back in February I went to Edinburgh for the weekend and finally got to go to Edinburgh Zoo.

I took well over 150 photos of just the pandas alone and spent a good half an hour just watching the tiger.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

S x 

25 April 2015

My 2 favourite Body Shop Scents

My two absolute favourite scents in the world and coconut and vanilla. On a quick visit to town, I stopped into the Body Shop and picked these up. The vanilla is the scent I use everyday, whereas I keep coconut for going out or just to mix things up a little bit.

Do you have any favourite scents from the body shop?

My Favourite Red Lip

I RARELY wear makeup. At best, it's always been foundation/concealer and mascara and a bit of blusher so I don't look completely dead.

But this year, something changed in me- I've become more accepting of make-up and being a little bit braver about wearing it. I know a lot of people use it to hide imperfections, make themselves feel better but I oddly enough feel more self-conscious wearing it >< ( am I daft? Or does anyone else feel like that?)

I decided to properly step out of my comfort zone and purchase lots of new makeup. A LOT. From a lot of different brands. I can't wait to start sharing all of this new knowledge with you!

I got my hair fixed this week back to my natural brown- although the red couldn't be entirely removed so it's a chestnut brown- which I like. So here it is, me trying to be daring and try red lips. It's a very bold look for me- but I kinda like it! :) Something for going out to town maybe?

The colour is 'Pleasure Me Red' Number 547, by Maybelline. I got both the lipstick and the lip liner- I quite like it!


20 April 2015

My favourite Foundation

Finding this foundation was a miracle for me. I am so pale that even the palest shades of most foundations are too orangey or dark for my skin, leaving me with a very distinct difference between my neck and my face. Even when I learnt how to apply foundation properly and to cover my neck slightly, the colour difference was so noticeable!

I tried the red-capped Rimmel Foundation and found this to be a perfect shade if I've been away on holiday, but i loved the way it made my skin felt. I decided to try this one instead. I am so glad I did- if you have pale skin I really recommend this. I haven't broken out at all whilst using it and i can build it up enough to hide my freckles if i want to. Thank you Rimmel! 


11 April 2015

Reading: A Game of Thrones

I am so behind on this whole obsession with 'game of thrones'. I don't have sky and I'm always one of those people who jumps on the bandwagon when everyone else is getting off it really!
I've started watching it recently- and am now onto season 3 but have had pretty much the rest of it spoiled :p but I decided to start reading the books. So far, it is brilliant! I really like his writing style and it's become my go-to book for when i'm having a read to relax.


8 April 2015

Samsung NX3000: My New Camera

Hey There!
I hope everyone had a great Easter Break, mine was nice and relaxing. I did a fair bit of online shopping and decided I needed to replace my old Nikon D3100. It's a good camera, but it needs fixing so i'm going to keep it and fix it at a later date and keep it as a spare. I saw this camera online, and decided I needed it. It's small enough to take out in my handbag- unlike my DSLR and it has a pop-up screen perfect for videos and vlogging!
I decided to practice a few shots around my room whilst I was revising.
In a month- it's exam time!

*one thing I learned is it is very hard to photograph a hamster who is being nosey or is on the move- even sports mode has a hard time keeping up! ha*


7 April 2015

Bambi PJ's

Bambi Pj's: George at Asda

As my nickname is Bambi (or Shambi) I had to have these when I saw them! They are so adorable!!
A really comfortable fit and super cosy, they match perfectly with my Bambi slipper socks from Primark.

Shannon x 


2 April 2015

Pam the Ham

Say hello to Pam.
Pam the Ham.

On Sunday, I had no idea by the end of the day I would have a pet hamster. But, I had a look on gumtree and decided it was time to get a new one! Within a couple of hours she had been dropped off! Originally called Melody and just about a year old, she was already used to being handled.

I bought her a new cage and ball- and she roams around my room whilst I revise.
She's currently doing a lap whilst I watch the walking dead. I'd never really watched it before but I intend to stick through to the end! She seemed to be quite the fan- sitting fairly still on my bed when I first put it on!

I named her Pam after Pam from the American Office. Because of this, i'm forever quoting Michael Scott at her, - her full name technically should be Pamela Morgan Beesly, but i'm making it Pamalamadingdong ( american office watchers will hopefully get me) I've been grooming her with a spare toothbrush and she loves it :3

Shannon x

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