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26 March 2015

Akita Love

*these top photos are my own*
I met this gorgeous akita named Ares back in January when I was seeing this guy. I got to look after him a couple of times and take him out for walks. I instantly fell in love with the breed. They don't run per se, they trot. They have a quite regal way of moving and behaving- and they barely bark!

I'm a huge fan of Spitz Breeds and have always dreamed of owning a Samoyed one day. I've always loved huskies too but recently i've come to regard a Japanese Akita or Shiba Inu as my top breed to get when I move out.

I've always loved Japan and Japanese culture- and a japanese dog breed? It just seems a perfect fit for me, but they can be expensive to buy so i'm going to have to start saving!

*these bottom photos are from my  Animals pinterest board - all links can be found here to the original sources* - if you'd like to follow me on Pinterest then please do! :) 

What's your favourite dog breed? Do you currently own a dog and have any tips?

Shannon x


24 March 2015

OOTD: Uni casual


Hoodie: Jack Wills
Shirt: George at Asda
Scarf: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Boots: Primark
Backpack: Roxy

Hey everyone!

I thought i'd ease into blogging with a quick post of my casual everyday sort of outfit I wear when I go to Uni. I like to be comfy, especially if I'm in for most of the day. Today was a busy one! We have our media practice assessment to hand in on friday- a 3 minute long film documenting a subject.

We chose to film the captain of the Netball team, and hope to document her daily life here at uni whilst she plays, coaches and volunteers for netball. I'm sat here trying to edit it altogether- and it really is hell on earth! Some files are in one format, others are in another, and my mac won't read them so I'm converting them all! I really hope this comes to fruition soon- i can already feel the bags under my eyes!

Shannon x


Blog Name Explained...

Hey There!
I thought today i'd just do a short post on why my blog is called what it's called.
I see a lot of bloggers, who in my opinion, have bravely made their blogs their own names. My full name is rather boring and doesn't really have that sassy blogger vibe to it so I chose to go with a sort of pseudonym.

'Shambi' was a nickname given to me at school. It's a mix of my name and Bambi. I've always been a big Disney fan and so I always drew Bambi when I was at school, and i was kind of clumsy, so it kind of fit! There were variations of 'Bambi' 'Shambles' ( which was ironic as I lived in York, where there is an area of the city called the Shambles). 
bambi disney

Wolf was simply because they are my favourite animals. I've always loved them since I was little. I remember doing a school project on them in year 5 and it was great. I particularly loved 'The Sight' by David Clement-Davies- a brilliant book!

I'm Scottish and was really pleased to find out that my celtic zodiac animal is the wolf! 

san diego zoo wolf

*Both the video and the photographs belong to San Diego Zoo*

What were (or are)  your favourite Disney Characters? Or your favourite animal?

Shannon x

23 March 2015


Welcome to my fresh start, my new blog.
I thought it was time to start afresh and thoroughly give my all to blogging again.

So first, I'd like to say hello! and introduce myself. My name's Shannon and I'm a 1st year Media and Journalism student. Ive always been a passionate writer, drawer and photographer, and I'd like somewhere to share all of this!

I'm not entirely sure if there will be a direction to this blog- a niche i stick to but for now I guess it would be mostly a lifestyle blog. I've been thoroughly inspired by so many bloggers and I would really like to have a place to document my life- my interests and my photographs. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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