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31 December 2015


The last day of 2015, we made it, eh?

So naturally I had a little look through my instagram for my favourite photos from the past year!

2015 has been an absolutely mental year for me. SO many ups and downs. Just like every year, I hope that the coming year is better and that so much happens that didn't happen this year!


30 December 2015

LIFESTYLE: 5 of my favourite things from 2015

I wouldn't be able to call myself a media (and journalism) student without having an unhealthy obsession with films, tv and gaming. 

So I had a little look back at my favourite things I played and watched of 2015!


I am thoroughly obsessed. And to think I was going to cancel my Netflix subscription! NOPE!
It is so brilliant, I have been binging it throughout the holidays.


I love it so much I even made a previous post about it! The soundtrack is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard and I use it to relax to or fall asleep to.  I'm still reading the book at the moment and I really adore how good a writer she is. 


I had been waiting for this film for awhile. I did some coursework for university on it and I was so interested to see how it turned out. It was so good it made it into one of my top 5 films of this year. Although the mostly mute Tom Hardy was a bit of a letdown as I love his voice.

4.SIMS 4 

Another thing I waited ages for! I was so glad to finally get it. There are a few letdowns in this game but overall I love how it runs. I like the fact I have a slightly different version to my sims 3 to play with and the building options are far better in this new version. I also love the improved social interactions and their moods. The sims themselves are far more lifelike with the ability to multitask!


OH THE BBC OUTDID THEMSELVES! I even ordered the free poster from the Open University. I live for these types of nature documentaries. It's the field of journalism and media I would most love to go into! The scenes were so stunning and I loved the end of each episode where it showed how they made it. I'm really tempted to buy the book for all the stunning photographs.


23 December 2015


So today the day finally came for me to pack my bag and head home for Christmas.
An early start and a short flight and I was back down south.


19 December 2015

BLOGMAS: Frozen Cupcakes

So it's your last night together as a couple until the New Year as Christmas is approaching so you've got to go your separate ways for a couple of weeks, visit family and go home. So what do you do?

You could order in a takeaway, binge your favourite films and have a cosy evening in, cuddled up on the sofa just the two of you.

Or, you could get all dressed up and venture out into the cold to a nice cosy pub or a bar and have a few drinks, a dance or even go ice-skating.

No, not us. 

Frozen Cupcakes at 2am is what we decided to do...


18 December 2015


Christmas is definitely the time of year for feel-good, emotional, family films. 

I'm not one for traditional christmas films really but anything cute, fluffy or somewhat emotional, it's getting watched throughout the festive period. 

So I thought I would share with you the cutest non-christmas film that I just saw yesterday! 

The story of Hachi.


8 December 2015


It is no secret I am completely obsessed with coconut scented products. That and the lovely sweet smell of Vanilla.

One of my favourite shops to get my coconut scented products is definitely The Body Shop.

Two of these, the Coconut Shower Cream and the Hand Gel were small birthday presents but the coconut body mist I have had for months now. I have used it at least a couple of times a week since I bought it and it's still not empty!

I completely adore the entire range of Coconut products at the Body Shop, each product I've tried so far has long lasting fragrance, hasn't irritated my sensitive skin and has been really good value for money!

Plus, the Body Shop do wonderful gift sets which makes it perfect for a Christmas present!

S x 


4 December 2015

ACTIVISM: on yer' bike!

My beloved hybrid bike, a good bike for a beginner!

In the past year my love for cycling has been rekindled.

I cycled a lot as a child, I would cycle to school and then spend my free time going down past the river and to the parks.

But like most British children my bike became forgotten really except for the odd ride in the summer. 

This year however, I became obsessed with cycling. I watched the Tour De France and got out on my bike more often!

Cycling is definitely a method of transport that is overlooked, and it could really help us, our environment and our wallets so here's a few reasons why we need to be getting in the saddle! 

2 December 2015


We all love a bargain. Especially around christmas time, you can still spread Christmas cheer without hurting your wallet.

For many of us shopping in high street chains that specialise in 'fast fashion' is just part of everyday life and we love being able to buy cheap clothes, shoes and accessories. We nip into shops and can buy a whole outfit for £30 nowadays- about 5 hours work on minimum wage in the UK.

We go home, we wear these clothes and if they rip or get too badly messed up, we just throw them in the bin. Then we go back out and buy another item. I am so guilty of buying like this, I have thrown out countless pairs of trousers and old shirts because they are no longer useful.

But for someone else, on the other side of the world, these garments give them purpose outside of the sex trade. Although it may seem like a way out, in many ways it is not.

They start work as children, and as adults, they must leave their children with their families just so they can work 23 hour days in a smelly, unsafe factory. Their husbands die from pesticide poisonings and chemicals burn their skin and cause their whole communities to fall ill and die. All of this cost for the return of $68 a month. 


1 December 2015



And hello to all of you! I have been absent from my blog a lot recently due to a lot of different reasons!

I have no camera, and plenty of university assignments taking over my life, as well as a part-time job over Christmas! Oh, and I'm moving on the 1st of January! So everything right now is GO, GO, GO!

30 November 2015

November Favourites!

Hello Everyone!

November was an exciting month due to planning my move, my 22nd birthday and a lot of different pieces of coursework that needed to be handed in!

28 November 2015


I have definitely become obsessed with the film 'The Theory of Everything'. I've been obsessed with it since the beginning of this year when it first came out, I saw one of the first showings of it.

For those who haven't seen it, it follows the relationship of Stephen and Jane Hawking, the great theoretical physicist and the girl who eventually became his wife. Told from her perspective, you get to see a personal side to him, what it was like to be married to him, and life after their marriage.

The film is beautifully filmed, romantic and inspiring and once I heard that it was inspired by Jane's book on her life with Stephen, I had to buy it.

I'm only three chapters in right now, but her writing is gripping, descriptive and emotive. I sat engrossed in it, in the corner of the pub waiting for my dinner whilst the boys enjoyed the football. I can't wait to finish it and see the comparisons with the film.

If you want to read it yourself it can be found here.

I think when I finish it, I will add more books related to Stephen Hawking, possibly his own, to my list.

What film adaptations of books have you found intriguing?

S x 

23 November 2015


Around the world a staggering 1 in 3 women has experienced violence.  I chose this topic today as one of my posts as it is incredibly close to my heart. To me, it is something that is of the utmost importance to end. Seeing the worlds monuments light up in support of this cause shows us how much support is out there, and how much can be done!



Years ago the media was completely controlled by corporate entities and women fell into one of two categories: the housewife image or the glamorous sex object.

Now in the digital age, we have social media as well as the mainstream media.

Media is now accessible by almost everyone and how it is being used around the world is slowly changing.

Especially in the portrayal of women.


12 November 2015


“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” 

In the past few years I have become really concerned about the environment. Being at University I've met other like minded individuals and when I moved out on my own I wanted to try and help. At the moment I have limited ways to help as I don't have the ability to create a proper garden in my student house, but I have already seen small changes caused by our little garden!


11 November 2015

Saying Goodbye

I have been gone from blogging for a couple of weeks as university deadlines have completely taken over my life. But sadly, a couple of weeks ago, I also lost my beloved little Pammy.

16 October 2015

Easy-to-do Skeleton Halloween Makeup

I've never really been one for Halloween until I came away to uni. But now I quite like dressing up and painting my face so I thought I would share with you my simple skeleton makeup look! Enjoy!


14 October 2015


Last month I went for my first ever HD Brows treatment. I was so pleased with the lady's amazing work. She managed to wrangle my thick and thin in places brows into submission.

When I left, I decided to purchase the kit she had used on me to take home!

12 October 2015


As a journalism student, I am studying a module called 're-thinking journalism'. This module is teaching us to think about digital activism and how new communication and technological changes are being used to drive political and social changes around the world.


10 October 2015


Ever since the #NEBookSwap, I have become obsessed with reading again. My pile of books on my shelf has become so much that i'm stacking them in piles in front of my shelf and when I go to the shops I stop and browse the books for ages.

My Aunty is also an avid reader and writer. We both love cats and cat stories and our house is filled with cat related statues, books and prints. For Christmas I always buy her books. I wanted to give her a cat book this year as she is a fan of books like ' A street cat named Bob' and 'Solomon's Kitten', and I spied this on the shelf and after reading the blurb I thought it would be a cute read:
The shock made me acutely aware of my homelessness. Christmas had always been my favourite time of year. The first sign of it at home was the appearance of Margery's modest artificial tree by the front room window. As she carried the box of decorations into the room, I would run over, purring, and as soon as she placed it on the carpet I would dip my paws into the pile of baubles, delighting in the sound they made as I fished around trying to catch them with my claws.'
When two-year-old tabby, Molly, loses her beloved owner, her world falls apart. Rehomed with three cat-hating dogs, she decides to take matters into her own paws and embarks on a gruelling journey to the nearest town. As Molly walks the cobbled streets of Stourton, she begins to lose all hope of finding a home . . .
Until one day she is welcomed into the warmth by caring café owner, Debbie. Like Molly, Debbie is also an outsider and, with a daughter to care for, she is desperate to turn around the struggling café.
But a local battleaxe is on the warpath and she is determined to keep out newcomers, especially four-legged ones. It looks as if Debbie will have to choose between the café and Molly. Yet maybe the solution to their problems may not be as far away as they think.
Will Debbie and Molly be able to turn their fortunes around to launch the Cotswolds' first Cat Café?
I managed to read this book in one evening. A lovely story narrated by Molly herself, It was an adorable read. It made me really think about how animals view us, our behaviour and how strange sometimes we people must seem to cats. I won't spoil the ending but It really was a lovely read and I hope to find another book similar to it soon! The story opens with a slightly sad couple of chapters that I had to screen because of family issues just to make sure it wouldn't hit an emotional sore spot for my Aunty, but after finishing the book, it is a mere sad blip at the beginning.
Now that I know for a fact my Aunty will like it I can't wait to wrap it up and see how she enjoys the story. I also hope it will inspire her to carry on her own cat stories and enjoy exploring her own writing.

S x 

7 October 2015


At the weekend, I went to Leeds for  a Fall Out Boy and had an amazing time!
It was a big weekend for me. I had been waiting months after booking the tickets, gone through a lot of panic as to whether I actually could go and then the stress of packing, travelling, meeting his parents and also being in a loud venue! (I'm practically deaf already!)
We headed down on the coach, had a quick wander round the shops before heading to his to get dinner and ready for the gig! It was loud, bright, exhilarating and a wonderful night. But the other highlight of the weekend for me was finally meeting the pigs!  
wpid-snapchat-5682767002744349738.jpgThe next morning we spent the day relaxing, watching the football and playing with the guinea pigs.
During the summer my boyfriend got two new little guinea pigs. I'd seen them a lot over snapchat but really couldn't wait to meet them in person. As much as I love my Pammy, I've always wanted to look after a slightly bigger animal. I don't think a cat or a dog will be making it's way into my life anytime soon but perhaps a Guinea pig or two!
Biscuit is the grey shorthaired pig and Flapjack is the (slightly) larger multicoloured pig.
Both of them were a little scared of me but I persevered and grew to enjoy cuddling them and feeding them bits of grass and leaves. They were suprisingly cuddly and I definitely think I would love one.
(please ignore the silly faces, these were snapchats to my friend!)

5 October 2015


I have been waiting for the best part of a decade to see Fall Out Boy live.
Everytime they came to the UK, I missed them. After booking these tickets I nearly missed out on the chance to go again but thank goodness for good people! I got to go, and although I'm not the person to get down in the standing area and jump around for a few hours, I left with a sore throat and my ears ringing.
Definitely one of the best nights of my life.

2 October 2015


It's time for my monthly favourites! This past month I haven't really had much to love in the beauty department except for my Clinique moisture Surge Set which has rescued my skin!
This month it has all been about tech, tv, games and books! I've spent a long time this month sorting out things to watch and read in the upcoming autumn semester. Then we were hit with an indian summer, its bright blue skies and 17 degrees right now despite the fact it's October. ( It is so WEIRD!)  So at the moment it's been a little bit of a wasted effort but i'm sure by November or so, i'll be pleased I've done it!

28 September 2015


Going away to university is an adventure. Lots of great new experiences, way more freedom,  late nights and busy hours.
But it's also the time of the dreaded freshers flu, having no money and no lovely home cooked meals.

24 September 2015


Last Thursday I went to my first ever blogger event, a book swap at the Waterstones in the Metrocentre. An evening filled with cake, bloggers and plenty of books!

16 September 2015


I have never purchased anything from Clinique before. After seeing it everywhere and hearing raving reviews about their 'Moisture Surge' range I decided that my dry skin needed to experience something from this much loved brand.

14 September 2015


So as Uni begins next week I have been sorting out things I need for my course etc and decided it would be best to go back to having a tablet. I used to have an Ipad but the price for them is just too much for my student budget and once I switched to a samsung phone I was convinced a samsung tablet would be best for me.And I was right!image

8 August 2015

Popping home for a visit

On Monday, the Ham and I packed up our stuff and headed home for a visit. I haven't been home since Christmas! So it's been about 8 months or so since I saw my parents and they've never met Pam!


6 August 2015

Mini Primark Haul

A few little things from Primark!
I can't wait to go back in late August and get some of the VelvetGhost collection!

I adore these sandals, they are so comfortable.

The bambi bag was a must buy! I love the size, it's perfect as my 'on the go' makeup bag and will be travelling with me home.

I am a candle nut. I reckon it's just this thing that hits women at a certain age. You just start shopping in the homeware parts of shops more often and suddenly you're house is filled with candles, cushions and flowers. Not that I'm complaining, my room up here in Newcastle is becoming so homely!
I adore this orange scented candle. It has a smell that just fills the room and burns a gorgeous orange glow making my room seem warmer and lighter in the evenings.

S x

4 August 2015

Mini Mac Haul

The other day I purchased my first ever Mac products. I've been after a foundation routine that works for my pale, dull skin for awhile and I think I may have just cracked it!

1 August 2015

July Favourites

Hi Everyone!

Ooh I'm really getting into this new swing of blogging! I'm really enjoying it at the moment. I reckon it's this new table I have. It makes taking photos so much easier with the gorgeous white background.

With it being summer, I've had other things to focus on besides university. So blogging has been put right at the front of my priorities and I've been spending a lot of time experimenting with makeup, new looks and stuff.

These are my favourite products from the past month

1) sweet vanilla and coconut primark mini candle- I adore these little candles! It's my favourite scent and it makes a cute addition to my desk

2) Max Factor Pink Brandy- This has been featured in at least 2 other posts of mine! (can you tell it's my favourite!)

3)BabyLips lip balm- I've recently started taking better care of myself. I'm trying to lose weight and stay hydrated and dry lips is always a problem for me. This lip balm isn't greasy and it's a gorgeous blue!

4) Rimmel Oh my Gloss! in Glossaholic- another lip product?! What is happening to me! But yes I love love love this! Finally a gloss I can apply and feel comfortable wearing and not feel like a sticky mess! The wand is great for applying it on and it feels really light and I feel like I can go about my day without having to reapply too often!

5) Anastasia Brow Wiz in Soft Brown- I bought this a month or so ago as I wanted to learn to tame my brows. Mine are wonky, sparse at the ends and bushy in the middle! A nightmare! I'm slowly learning the art of taming them and I love this little brow pencil. I'm finally shaping my brows better but I still think I need to visit a professional and see what they can do.

6) Sugar Apple by Barry M- a gorgeous glossy pale green/blue! It's a really summery colour that makes my hands look a little more tanned!

S x

30 July 2015

A New Space

If anyone follows me on Instagram, you may have noticed these very recent pictures!

I decided with second year coming up I needed a proper desk to work at and a good comfortable chair. Thanks to Ikea I finally have a computer chair that is going to make studying that little bit comfortable and a lovely white desk!
( All for less than £50- thank you Ikea and for being considerate of a student budget!)

I'm pretty proud of myself for putting them together myself. The chair was actually easier than the desk as the screws now need tightening with an electric screwdriver.

Naturally with a new desk, it needed new decoration! So I got little cacti and an aloe vera plant just to add some nice greenery to my workspace.

My beauty collection has started to grow ( I blame all you beauty bloggers out there that i follow!) so I got some acrylic drawers from Amazon and in September I'll get myself a few more for the rest of my collection!

S x 

27 July 2015

My Current Everyday Face

benefit rimmel naked 3

It is absolutely no secret that my favourite brand is Rimmel. I love their lipsticks and now they have a BB cream that works great for my skintone. So naturally, most of my everyday face is Rimmel.

This little concealer is fab at hiding my blemishes and works great with the BB cream to make me not look orange!

I'm a nude lipstick kind of person really and this '03' by Kate Moss for Rimmel has been my favourite for a long time.

A few months ago I decided to splurge on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette after seeing it pretty much everywhere online and was hoping the rose gold, soft pink hues would give a little bit of colour to my pale face! So far it is working and I'm practicing different looks with it and I've found it to be a fairly sound investment. Even though a lot pricier than other eyeshadow palettes I've purchased, it has super pigmented shades that last and I know for a fact this palette is going to last me a long time.

Benefit Brow Zings has been a standard part of my face now for months since I got my first ever eyebrow wax and tint at Benefit. They did a grand job and i'm slowly picking up the art of shaping brows as mine are a strange mix of thick and bushy at the middle and then sparse at the ends.

(or if i'm being absolutely lazy it's the concealer with a bit of Maybelline falsies mascara to nip to the shops!)

S x 

19 July 2015

Jamies Italian at Monument

Jamie's Italian is one of my absolute favourite restaurants. It has an amazing menu, a gorgeous interior and is set in a prime location in Newcastle- slap bang in the middle of Monument!


17 July 2015

Max Factor Pinks

I have found my two favourite max factor pinks in the most gorgeous gold packaging!

16 July 2015

Newcastle Car Show

This particular sunday was a day where I could indulge in something I adore... cars!
My blog isn't particularly girly I'd say but there is a lot of beauty posts- so I thought i'd spice things up a little and show you all a different sort of beauty- vehicular beauty!

14 July 2015


On Saturday, we headed over to Gateshead to find a particular dog shelter that I'd found online that lets you sign up to walk their dogs for free!


13 July 2015

My First Ever Race: Race for Life 5K!

Race day finally arrived! I'm so glad I signed up for it!

27 June 2015

June Favourites

My first ever Favourites post! 
June has been my first full month off from uni so I've been able to spend a bit more time on getting ready and blogging, photographing and just being a bit more creative. I've taken the time to do a bit more shopping as well and here are my favourite things from the past month!


24 June 2015

A future in Media

'A journalist is someone who investigates, collects and presents information as a news story. This can be presented through newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet. Journalists are relied upon to present news in a well-rounded, objective manner.'

22 June 2015

Rimmel Salon Pro Nails

Rimmel have always been one of my go-to brands for nail varnish so here are my two favourites from their Salon Pro range.

18 June 2015


I've never really been one for flowers in general but I have always adored roses.

As much as we girls do like to complain about boys, sometimes they get it just right! 

S x
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